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What's New At The Hive?


We are always trying to improve our facilities and services at The Hive. Over the last few months we have had some new additions

R210 New meeting room on 1st floor 

We have added a new space for small mettings and individual use on the 1st floor (beside the lift). This space is similar size to rooms 101 and 109 on the ground floor and can be booked through reception or via our page on Connected Hubs


Standing Desk Room at The Hive (Room 204)      

We now have standing desks installed at The Hive, there are 8 available ready to use in room 204. They allow you to adjust the height of the desk so you can stand at your desk and work, type or take calls comfortably. Lowering the desk to its standard height or raising it to standing position can benefit energy levels and reduces the chances of backpain, fatigue and stress throughout your workday.




Video Conference room (Room 209)








The Video Conference room at The Hive is a space to connect, host video calls and webinars, delivering presentations, hosting group discussions, conducting interviews or developing strategies with your distributed team.

The room has an acoustic treatment (sound panels) installed. There is also a 60 inch touchscreen monitor, mounted on the wall. The touchscreen monitor comes with a built in windows 10 PC and can connect to your laptop to the touchscreen monitor using a HDMI cable provided.


Hive Pods


The Hive Pods have been a very popular addition at The Hive, there are three Hive Pods in total throughout the building, two of them on the ground floor and one on the first floor. The Hive Pods is best used for office meetings and having your very own enclosed space with noise cancellation. There are sockets provided in each pod and two seats across from each other inside a Hive Pod. There is an air vent on top of every Hive Pod, to allow oxygen to circulate keeping a cool head while going about your business throughout the day.

Car park extension

We recently completed the first phase of our extension programme with the completion of our car park works. We currently have over 80 spaces for cars and bicycles. See below for before and after.


To find more information about our existing spaces at The Hive click the link

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