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There are over 200,000 remote workers in Ireland and most of these people don't know each other. The aim of Grow Remote is to build a community and ecosystem around that number and then grow it so that we can increase the number of employment opportunities available in local communities across the country. Grow Remote Local Chapters can connect remote jobs, remote workers and local communities. At The Hive, we're excited to get involved in this nationwide initiative and are proud to support the Leitrim Roscommon Chapter. We hope to develop a pro-active group and beneficial network that everyone gains from. Although in its early stages, we have high hopes for the project.

The Grow Remote community consists of co-working managers, freelancers, nomads, remote workers and remote working companies who believe that all 3 i.e. jobs, workers and communities need to move together to enable our communities to thrive. The aim of Grow Remote is to uncover and build a full community around remote working. To do that we need the infrastructure (spaces, broadband, online connection platforms), the people (community leaders & advocates) and the resources (education, tools to make this local or funding).

We believe that the Leitrim Roscommon region is ideally suited to continue to provide remote workers to companies all over the world. People choose to live here for many reasons, but increasingly people are moving to this area because of the choice of quality schools, access to transport, high level of services and amenities available, access to coast/beaches and all of the other positive attributes of this area.

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20 volunteers from across Ireland, and now Europe, who want to see remote working drive local impact. We're helping connect remote workers to companies (pointing to service providers) , striving to solve the lack of a real world community for talent (mapping offline communities) and adapting to the rapid rate of change for communities (chapter lead).

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