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Terms and Conditions

The Hive agrees to provide the following services for the Licensee in return for the noted charge.

Services include: -

  1. Use of the assigned office space.
  2. Access to meeting and conference rooms as appropriate.
  3. Use/retention of The Hive address including mail handling and forwarding.
  4. Access to wireless broadband
  5. Inclusion on The Hive promotions – web pages, etc;
  6. Inclusion on mailing list for events, etc.

I/ We agree to the terms of Serviced Office Solutions and accept that abuse of the facilities and /or non-payment could result in membership being revoked.


The Licensee undertakes to: -

  1. Occupy the designated desk(s) solely for the purposes of its business as described;
  2. Use the Building and the Premises for the Permitted use only;
  3. Conduct its business in such a way as to cause no interference to the other occupants of the space;
  4. Comply with any reasonable rules or regulations which may be set down from time to time by The Hive for the efficient operation of the service space;
  5. Comply with the Licensors regulations and directions in relation to the use of the Meeting rooms and waste disposal in the areas and the general management of the Building;
  6. Refrain from creating any nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to the Licensor or any of its Licensees or anything which is deemed, immoral. Illegal or not in keeping with the ethos of the Licensor.
  7. Give all reasonable assistance to The Hive, its staff and its agents in its operation of serviced office space including inspecting, cleaning and repairing the entire premises;
  8. Leave all common areas as they are found. (It is important that all users clean up after themselves and complies with these simple rules: Do not leave dirty dishes, cutlery and mugs lying around. Do not leave microwave oven and fridge dirty. Do clean all spills)
  9. Make no alterations to any furniture provided under the Licence, nor install any equipment including, for the avoidance of doubt, telecommunications equipment, photocopying equipment and fixtures or fittings beyond that provided by the Licensor, without the prior written approval of the licensor. Such approval should not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed;
  10. To notify the Licensor immediately in writing of any damage caused by the Licensee or an employee servant agent or invitee or the Licensee to the Building and the Premises and of any damage to or deterioration in the building howsoever arising
  11. Exclusively retain for the purpose of its business, the rights conferred under this agreement and under no circumstance to seek to assign these rights, in whole or in part, to a third party. No Subletting is permitted;
  12. Accept full responsibility for the management and supervision of its own business activities;
  13. Parking at The Hive is done so at the owner’s risk, The Hive does not accept any responsibility or loss or damage sustained by the Licensee, their agents, clients or visitors.
  14. Arrange appropriate insurance in relation to its own business activities, including cover for any furniture, equipment or personal effects within the premises which are the property of the Licensee; Indemnify The Hive, Leitrim County Enterprise Fund and associated organisations.
  15. Notify reception in advance of deliveries being made to The Hive. Failure to notify reception will result in the item not being received and alternative delivery arrangements will have to be made.
  16. Not to use the Building and/or the Premises for residential or sleeping purposes;
  17. Accept that The Hive reserve the right to relocate the alternate accommodation within the facility at 2 weeks’ notice;
  18. Accept that The Hive reserve the right to terminate this license without reason or right of appeal subject to one months’ notice;
  19. Immediately upon the termination of the Licensee’s right to use the Building and the Premises to remove all the property of the Licensee and associated companies from the Building and to leave it clean and tidy;
  20. Not to impede in any way the Licensor and its officers, employees, servants, agents, invitees and licensees in the exercise of the Licensor’s right of possession and control of the whole building.
  21. Agree to provide a minimum of one month’s notice of vacation of premises.
  22. To comply with all the provisions and requirements of any Act or Acts of the Oireachtas now or hereafter to be passed and every order regulation notice and bye- law made under or in pursuance of such Acts or by any local or other authority in respect of its use or the building and the Premises.
  23. Familiarise yourself with the safety statement for the Building which is available from reception.
  24. Comply with the Environmental policies that The Hive already adheres to.


The Hive undertakes to -

  1. Provide workspace accommodation services and facilities;
  2. Clean and maintain the workspace accommodation, including the roof, structure and the common areas within the premises;
  3. Provide heating and lighting;
  4. Pay all rents, rates, utilities, public liability insurance and other charges relating to the premises;
  5. Provide reception, post room and message handling facilities (if requested)
  6. Provide access to the space within reasonable predetermined hours

Please Note:

>The Hive accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage sustained by the Licensee as a result of fire, storm, flood, destruction of the premises in a whole or part, the failure or interruption of any services to the premises, or any other cause out with the reasonable control of the Licensor.

>The Hive reserves the right to terminate this agreement with one month notice.

>Nothing in the Licence shall establish any partnership or any joint venture between the Licensor and the Licensee or be construed or create any greater interest in the Licensee than a licence on the terms set out above.

> The Hive will be entitled at any time during the Licence Period to serve written notice on the Licensee requiring the Licensee to relocate to an alternative location within the building;

> In the event of the service of a relocation notice the Licensee shall vacate the Premises within 90 days of the date of such service, and the alternative location shall, from such date, be the Premises for the Purposes of this agreement;

>Any notice to be given or served under this Licence shall be sufficiently given or served if in the case of notices given to the Licensee. Such notice should be delivered or posted to the General Manager of the Licensee.

>The Licensee acknowledges that this Licence contain the whole agreement between the parties as to the subject matter hereof and the Licensee has not relied upon any written or oral representations made to it by the Licensor or its employees or agents and has made its own independent investigations into all relevant matters

>This Agreement does not create a landlord and tenant relationship between the parties and to the extent that a court finds that the relationship amounts to a landlord and tenant relationship the Licensee renounces any rights it has to a renewal of the said lease in the manner required by the Landlord and Tenant (amendment) Act 1994 and confirm it has received independent legal advice in connection with the renunciation

>This agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of Ireland.

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